Application for the Hawthorn Scholarship

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The Hawthorn Scholarship was established in memory of Lillian Godbe, who passed beyond the veil in 2006. This scholarship is awarded annually to an individual chosen by TAHA. The purpose of the Hawthorn Scholarship is for the advancement of the education of an individual in the Healing Arts. All courses and seminars are subject to prior review and approval by the TAHA Scholarship Committee.The Hawthorn Scholarship can only be used for:

  • Tuition and application expenses
  • Books related to education (textbooks, manuals, workbooks, reference books, class or lab material)
  • Travel Expenses directly related to your specific training or education.

To apply for the Hawthorn Scholarship, please print the attached form and mail it to a TAHA board member. Please use the Contact form to get more information.

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