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Disclosure Sheet

I've attached a simple disclosure sheet that can be used to comply with California Senate Bill #SB577, which specifies that non-licensed alternative health practitioners may legally offer their services to the public. This sheet includes a colorful TAHA banner, and is in Microsoft Word format. In addition, I've also enclosed other information related to that bill, which was passed in 2002, and which gives clients the freedom to choose their health care and gives us the freedom to offer it.


The first file is the sample disclosure, and should be customized to match the services you offer. The second file is a more generic set of disclosure language, including samples of the kind of thing you need to include in advertisements. The third file is a PDF containing frequently asked questions (FAQ) that clients may have about SB577, while the fourth is a FAQ for practitioners. Finally (whew!) I've attached the body of the actual bill as it was signed into law.
For more information, check out the website of the California Health Freedom Coalition.

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