About TAHA

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Our Mission

Trinity Alliance for the Healing Arts is a group of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Trinity County through education and the practice of the healing arts. T.A.H.A. is uniting local and visiting healers, communities, and nature to increase the health of our lives and our environment.

Focus and Goals

  • To educate the public and promote T.A.H.A. through a variety of methods, including classes, seminars, workshops, newsletters, fairs and festivals, grants, videos, catalogs, databases and special events.
  • To establish a community wellness center, including an office for T.A.H.A., with an emphasis on health.

Trinity County will be a destination where people come to heal body, mind and spirit.

TAHA: Trinity County's Heart Center of Alternative Healing

Officers and Board

The following hard-working people have graciously volunteered to be board members and officers:

  • SuZan LaBerteaux - President
  • Laurie Lingemann - Secretary
  • Lydea Roach - Treasurer
  • Kenneth Baldwin, Board Member
  • Jacqueline Gilmore, Board Member
  • David Menefee, Board Member
  • Madelina Corona, Board Member

For More Information

For more information, use the online form to contact us or write to:

Trinity Alliance for the Healing Arts
P.O. Box 1784
Weaverville, CA 96093